About Us

Affinity Chemical LLC manufactures and supplies Aluminum Sulfate and Blended Products.

Affinity Chemical LLC was founded by principals who spent their entire careers in the chemical coagulant industry. This experience lead them to start a company in an old industry with new values. Affinity was born and continues to grow on one founding principal: understanding the customer’s needs and exceeding them every day with quality products and services.

Affinity supplies Aluminum Sulfate from five new manufacturing sites. Every plant uses the highest quality virgin raw materials to produce the purest finished products. Affinity has high regard for the environment, as every plant is designed to be green. There are no by products or waste streams – never land applying waste to pollute our environment – no on-site or off-site chemical waste collection or disposal. All Affinity production facilities are zero discharge plants.

Affinity partners with both their vendors and suppliers. This allows vendors to truly understand Affinity’s core values and help ensure they are followed. Having these strong relationships translates into a win for customer’s consistently high quality product and reliable on-time delivery.

Partnerships don’t stop with vendors and suppliers. Customer partnerships are the core value of Affinity. Our customer base ranges from fortune 500 companies to small proprietors and are all equally important. We are passionate and eager to continue to provide customers with a better way to do business.

Why Choose Us

Affinity delivers the highest quality aluminum sulfate based products on the market today. Our products are always manufactured from virgin raw materials, eliminating variations in each delivery. Our consistently pure products will ensure easy use day to day. We practice green manufacturing at all of our production sites.

Affinity Chemical LLC is a customer driven company. We are committed to deliver products and solutions through mutually aligned relationships based on customer need. Affinity forms strong partnerships with its customers, making it easy to do business again.